Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 30: Behavior Blvd Behavior Chart

Good evening.

Let me draw your attention to the huge banner to the left.

Not that you could miss it.

I recently created this banner because of the pride I wish to share in the projects that I create that are completely original.  I always TRY to make projects that are original, but many times I end up 'surrendering' and referring to pinterest instead.

Pinterest is great, I love it, but I just love my original ideas better.

So I am extremely proud of this idea, because it is... ORIGINAL.

So the challenge for the day was to make something using a toy.

I devoted time to just think about toys that are out there and what I could do with them to create something that is useful in the classroom.  For some reason (no, I don't remember the thought train) I began thinking about toy cars (e.g. Hot Wheels) and this idea really just popped into my head.

After the idea, I really had to work out details and figure out the exact idea I had in mind, as well as things that will make it most friendly for the classroom.

I worked really hard on coming up with this, and I think it truly deserves a banner in the corner.

Now, I've started the actual poster, but I still have quite a bit of laminating and gluing to do before it is complete, so I've done a quick paint sketch to show you what it looks like.

When I am done, I will post pictures and explain the idea more in-depth.

To summarize, the students move toy cars up or down the road depending on the behavior that they are showing for that day.

More to come!


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