Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 50: Parking Lot Sight Word Game

For Day 50, we were supposed to be a minimalist and create something using white materials.  I was a huge minimalist and only used one material... posterboard!! I created a parking lot game, from jugglingwithkids (picture from jugglingwithkids).  I just took white posterboard, drew parking spots on it, and had it laminated.  Now I can write sight words in the parking spots and students drive their toy cars to those spots.  They absolutely love it!!

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Day 49: UCF Wreath

On day 49, we were supposed to work with quantity over quality, or work with a lot of something. I chose to work with a lot of scraps of fabric to make this rag wreath themed around my college, UCF.  This could work for any theme or any school, and I think I might eventually make one for my new Elementary School.

I made Gator wreaths for Christmas last year, and they turned out great!

Day 48: Jack and the Beanstalk Word Wall

On day 48, we were supposed to make something tall.  I made a word wall for my classroom that is 'Jack and the Beanstalk' themed.  I got the idea off of my travels through pinterest.  I just took a long piece of green butcher paper  and crumpled it up.  Then I stapled it to the wall.  I cut out a big cloud to put on the top, and the words say, "Grow with Words".  I then used a die-cut machine to cut out 26 leafs, and added a letter to each leaf.  As we go along and learn new words, we add the words to the letter they belong to.  Perfect for my fairy tale classroom!

Day 47: Musical Flowers in a Number 2 Pencil Vase

Today I was supposed to work with flowers - artifical, real, etc.  I decided to make my own flowers like the ones I made on my musical wreath last year.

To make these, you simply cut out a circle from a piece of paper, cut a spiral in the paper, roll up, and hot glue.

I put them in my number two pencil vase, perfect for a classroom!