Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 15: Dollar Bill Elephant

The challenge for day 15 was to use just a dollar to create something.  Automatically, I wanted to fold the dollar bill into a shirt like I have seen people do before.  When I went to search for the instructions to do that, I found out that there is a way to fold a dollar bill into an elephant!

Well, I was up for that. How adorable!!!

So I read through these instructions on squidoo and attempted.  When I got frustrated with those instructions, I tried the ones on e-how.  I STILL wasn't understanding those stupid instructions and was about to give up when I tried youtube.  I found this video

I'll admit, I still had to convince myself not to give up  multiple times and had to rewind the video twice as many times, but I eventually got something that looks similar to the elephant in the pictures.

In the classroom, this would be a fun origami project for older kids, even not on a dollar bill.  It's also a good prize to give students who succeed.  Finally, outside of the classroom, it's a great party trick or way to leave tips.

An irritating and time-consuming project, but I'm going to keep practicing so I can get it on my own!



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