Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 16: Potato Stamps

The challenge for day 16 was to make a unique print by making a stamp out of a potato or a sponge.

To relate this to the classroom, I thought it would be a fun idea for students to make their own stamps and create an art project using them.

I personally attempted to make a stamp out of a potato with my initials on it so I could label my books with my initials.

I cut a potato with a knife (students could use toothpicks) and made an intricate AS.

Then I went to stamp something. Umm... forgot that part about it needing to be the other way around to show up as a stamp.  Instead I had this backward S followed by and A.

Oops. Time to start over.

I tried again, and this time made it the RIGHT way.

But when I stamped it on a book, it didn't really turn out as professional as I hoped.

So I started playing with the rest of the potato and making different shapes that students could make.

Such as a smiley face:

And a heart:

 This would be a cool project to do on a fabric material and I think it would turn out best that way.  The potatoes also serve as perfect large stamps for little hands.



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