Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 28: Gator School Supply Cake

Challenge of the day: Use school materials to make something non-traditional.

I love when things just fall into place and align.

Father's day was coming up soon and my brother and I were discussing some gift options.  As usual, I had no idea where to start.  My brother was the genius who suggested doing something school-supply themed to correspond with my dad recently decided to go back to school to get his master's degree and getting accepted to UF.

Ok, so I wanted to do something original (I made my supervising teacher a school supply cake at the end of my internship... see that one here) but couldn't think of much else and was coming down to the final days.  So I decided I would do a school supply cake, but give it a gator theme with orange and blue materials.

Problem: Apparently school supplies just don't come in orange.

So it was mostly blue with some orange ribbon.

I also included a gator tshirt and a college dammit doll (adorable), which you can read about at my other blog, Too Many Crafts Too Little Time.

I started brainstorming all the things I could make a cake for... the themes and possibilities are endless!!!

Do you have any ideas?

Let me know!


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