Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 26: DIY Upcycled Sandwich Container

For day 26, I was supposed to make something portable that normally isn't.  This one took awhile to figure out.  I was thinking I would make a bag out of something like a tshirt, but realized a tshirt was portable.  I really couldn't think of anything that wasn't portable that I could make a bag out of (a shirt, fabric, other bags, jeans, a book).

I had to scour pinterest and landed on one of the first pins I ever pinned on my crafts board: This milk jug lunch box from

It's a very easy project and a good substitute for putting a sandwich in a plastic baggie every day (does using multiple baggies a day drive you crazy too? I feel like it's such a waste!!)

To make this, you just follow the guidelines on the website (very easy), cut along them, and fold.  It says to use a button snap to hold it together (which had been keeping me from trying it before... I didn't know how to do this and was scared to try) but I just used a velcro dot instead with superglue.

On a related note... I made Logan and I egg salad sandwiches to take to work one day.  I put mine in the pink re-usable sandwich container I had (store-bought, not this kind) and was nice enough to give Logan the blue and green one.  I didn't think much of it, I thought I was being nice.
Apparently a 20-something should NOT be bringing a 'little boy' re-usable sandwich container into work and he was ridiculed endlessly all day.
I guess teachers can get away with these kinds of things.
After I made this and showed it to him, Logan actually said, 'Hey! Something they won't make fun of me for!!'
Yeah, we'll see.

Try this out if you bring a sandwich to work often!



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