Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 29: Angry Bird Masks

The challenge of the day was to make a disguise.

This would be a perfect and easy challenge if I were teaching pre-k (think of all the dress-up options!), but I'm not. So I had to make a disguise that would be useful in a classroom.  Hmmm.

Browsing pinterest, I came across an Angry Bird Mask on that was sold on etsy for $12 each.

Here it comes... "I can make that!!!"

So I made a set of angry birds masks (6 altogether) by sewing felt together and using elastic string to hold them to the head.

I brought them to camp to test them out... the kids loved them!!

We attempted to make a game out of it where the birds have to chase the pigs, but I can't say it went perfectly.  It's a good idea though!

These masks took about 30-40 minutes each to make (wow...) but were pretty easy (cutting, hot-gluing, sewing).

This also inspired me to make an owl sleep mask I've had my eye on for awhile... but you'll have to go to to read about that.

There's one or two more birds I have left to make, plus I could make a bunch more pigs if I were to do this with a big group.  This would be a fun game to play out on the playground or at P.E.
Or just for kids to put on and be silly in.  Who knows what games they can make up themselves!



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