Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 25: Nature Suncatcher AND Nature Pictures

For day 25, I was supposed to work to nature.  I actually completed two projects on this day and incorporated both of them into camp.

The first and original project I worked with was a nature suncatcher from familyfun.  You pretty much collect a bunch of things from nature and iron them in between two pieces of contact paper, then cut it out to make a sun catcher/ window hanging.

I didn't have any con-tact paper, so I wanted to use wax paper.  I quickly tried it before camp and it worked nicely (not as well as it should, I'm sure, but it worked).

Then at camp I tried it with my kids.  The iron wasn't as good and it didn't work as well, but the kids still enjoyed it.  I had kids in grades 1-5 in my group that day, and they all truly enjoyed walking around outside and collecting nature, then doing something with it.

On our first attempt, I couldn't find an iron so I had to come up with something to do with all these leaves they had just collected.  I grabbed some paper, glue, and crayons and challenged the kids to be as creative as they could with their nature and make a picture.
Some of the pictures were amazing (I only got a picture of mine) and very creative!! What a great way for students to really use their critically thinking skills in the classroom!

Ps, mine is a picture of a boy giving a girl a flower under an umbrella in the rain.  I ended up sharing the majority of my natural findings with kids who picked up rocks and pine cones only to find they wouldn't stick to paper, but you can see the leaf, the flower, and the moss in her hair!



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  1. They look like the really enjoyed it! Congratulations on your job!!!!!!!!