Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 12: Extra Pieces Game Tin

The challenge today was to make something that camouflages in with its environment.  

This picture came to mind when I read that challenge:

This was from my senior internship when I was teaching the students about camouflage and environmental adaptations.  I drew a bunch of sea animals and colored them to fit in perfectly with some decorations around the classroom.  The students had a blast trying to find them :) 

But of course, I couldn't do that again, so I created something that would help me out now in my reorganizing my house, as well as in my future classroom.

I needed to clean up my games shelf in my living room to make some space for some other things.  I had quite a few old games that were missing pieces or boards, such as a Disney Trivia game that had the trivia cards but didn't have the board (we never used the board anyways, the cards were the fun part).  

I cleaned out these tins, kept the pieces I would still use (such as the cards) and put them in a baggie for each game.  I then used the empty game tin to keep all of the leftover pieces from other games, cards, dice, poker chips, ping pong balls, and small game pieces.  This way, the extra game pieces are organized and the tin camouflages in with the rest of the games!!  I think I'm going to just stick a label on it to remind myself, but other than that it's the perfect solution!

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