Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 7: Puzzle Template

Today, I was supposed to make a stencil and use it in my work.  To complete this project, I decided to make a stencil I could use in my classroom over and over.  I remembered a project I completed my freshman year of college where I used a puzzle to make a picture poster:

To make the project above, I used a child's floor puzzle and cut and glued the pictures on the back of the puzzle, then reassembed and framed.

I realize how convenient a puzzle template would be in the classroom, especially in a primary classroom, because I could make a puzzle out of anything.  Puzzles can be made out of class pictures, words, letters, or even made to hang up in the classroom or on the door, like shown here.

For my project today, I made a puzzle template out of file folders.  I did this by putting the file folders together, drawing the puzzle I wanted (including basic shapes), and cutting them out.  I made sure to number the puzzle pieces so that I would be able to easily create a puzzle in the future.

I look forward to creating lots of classroom resources using this stencil/template and I will be sure to share when that time comes!


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  1. I am so impressed, you are putting a lot of time into all of these projects!!!!