Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 2: Ruff Day Note Home

Today, I was supposed to create something inspired by my favorite animal.  Of course, my favorite animal is a dog.  Ideas were popping into my head like crazy for this one - a dog template that you lift up and tell about your pet, a dog stuffed animal to use in the classroom, a dog template that teaches you how to take care of a dog...

Eventually, the word 'ruff' popped into my head, and I came up with this:

It is a note that you send home with students who have had a rough day.  This isn't a note you send home with someone who has been misbehaving, but instead send this home with a student who met struggled with challenges beyond their control.  Some examples I came up with are students who were bullied, weren't feeling good, got injured, or were homesick.  The adorable dog is bound to make the child feel a little better, and the note lets the parents know what the child was dealing with that day.
Make sure the note is light, simple, and positive, and end by saying that tomorrow is a new day and will be a great one!

One thing you could do for this note is have the child write it to their parents.  This will keep the child in the loop and not make them feel like they are in trouble when they get this note sent home.  It is also a good way for the child to write their frustrations out on paper, distract them from an injury, or make them feel better when they miss their parents.

I will definitely be using this for camp.  I created a template... feel free to download it and use it in your own classroom!

Any feedback and recommendations are greatly appreciated.  How did you use it? How did it work? What do you think?


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