Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 10: Multi-Colored Roses

Today's challenge was to use water as my inspiration for my project.  This automatically made me remember this site which told me I could dye roses different colors by splitting their stem and dipping them in different colored dyed waters.  It also made me remember this picture of expensive 'college roses' dyed in Gator colors.  I've been meaning to try this out, and today gave me the perfect opportunity!!

I meant to buy new flowers at the store, but I forgot while I was there, so I used some old roses that I was about to throw out anyway. I'm not sure if this will work with... wilted roses, but we certainly will see!!! If not, I'll just grab a flower tomorrow while I'm out and try again.

All I did was split the rose stem in two using scissors.  I put each half in a different cup with blue water or orange water (dyed using food coloring).  Tomorrow, we will see if it looks as cool as the picture!!

I also threw a rose petal in each cup to see what would happen.

This is more of an experiment, but a great one to do with a class learning about plants if it turns out!

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  1. cant wait to see how this turns out!!!!!!!!!!!!