Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 43: Crate Seats

The challenge on day 43 was to learn something new by asking a friend for help.

I needed help making these wonderful crate seats for my classroom.  I try not to go to my dad for everything, but I had no choice when the workers at Home Depot refused to cut my wood to the right size for me.

Now I've learned a lot from my dad... if there's any problem, he can fix it.  So about 10 minutes after I asked if he had a saw I could borrow he had his work horses and safety goggles out waiting for me to show up.

To make these, crates, I bought filing cabinet crates from Target in blue (3.49 each), plywood from Home Depot ($11 for a huge piece), padding (I used throw pillows from goodwill, $2 each), and fabric (old pillow cases in different colors $4 goodwill).

I got the wood cut to fit perfectly inside the ledge of the crate (with the help of my dad of course).

 I then put a pillow on top of the wood and wrapped it with a pillow case.

I then hot-glued the pillow case to the other side and added a piece of colorful duct tape over the edges to make it look nicer.

They look great in my classroom!  My original plan was to make them to use at my kidney bean table so students can put their supplies in there, but for now they are over in my reading area [in progress].

My dad and his tools help me out with a lot of my projects, including my ticket stub frame, wedding hanger,  and all kinds of things around the house!

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