Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 42: DIY Alphabet Strip

Ooops, I forgot to post about day 42 before posting about day 43.

On day 42, I was supposed to turn the day's junk mail into something more appealing.

I really enjoyed this one, because I do get so much junk mail and it's nice to know I could use it for something in the classroom.  Before I get started, I just want to point out that we actually did an activity at my NASA PSTI Conference using math and numbers that would work for this... read about that here.  I could have used that, but that would be cheating, so I came up with my own, ORIGINAL, idea.

In my idea, students flip through magazines, catalogs, old books, etc, to find pictures of items that start with every letter of the alphabet.  They then make their own alphabet strip (like the ones hanging in the classroom) using these pictures by gluing the pictures in the box of the letter it starts with, and writing the word below it.

For younger grades, this could be an all-year project, and you could do a new piece every time you learn a new letter.  For middle grades, it would be a cute project for a review and maybe even a good way to learn cursive.

I know those strips take up a lot of space, so another thing you could do is paste each letter on a separate piece of a paper and make an alphabet book out of it.

There's my idea!!!  How would you use it in your classroom???

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