Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 33: Flag pen

The challenge of the day was to make something using pens.

I researched a little bit (yes, I was lost and didn't want to settle for just writing with pens) and found a really good idea for weighting down pencils/pens in the classroom by putting washers on the end.  This will be helpful for students who are learning to press down or have orthopedic problems.  It's also a good scaffolding tool because you can take the washers off one by one to grow with the student.

But I didn't do that.

Instead, as I was packing up my stuff for my classroom, I found little felt flags that a student gave me in a valentine's day goodie bag.  They have holes on them that are made for pens/pencils.

I realized how easy that would be to make, and the felt can be designed to say anything including the child's name, holidays, or celebrations.

These are extremely simple extremely cheap crafts to make!!



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