Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 38: Homemade Sugar Scrub

On day 38, I was supposed to work underwater.

I was stuck on this one, and a few weeks later I tried something else from pinterest one night.

It is a DIY sugar scrub that you use in the shower.

Look at that... UNDER WATER!!!

So, this scrub is amazing.  You just take sugar, oil, and citrus juice and mix it together.  The way it was instructed to be used on pinterest was to scrub your legs after shaving, then shave again to get the dead skin off. It totally worked.  My legs have never been smoother, and I have not asked more people to touch my legs in a day.

But how can this be used in the classroom?

Hahaha... I've got this one.

Gifts! Parent appreciation gifts, coworker gifts, gifts to parents from students.

At Christmas, my aunt made everyone bath salts and put them in adorable packages from the dollar store:


Whip up a batch of the sugar scrub, find adorable little containers like this, and you will appreciate everything out of those people.

Any other ways you can think to use this sugar scrub in the classroom?

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