Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 53: Smelling Tubes

For day 53, I was supposed to make something that requires mainly your sense of smell to use.

After spending all year as an Autism Spectrum Disorders teacher and absolutely falling in love with the position and the kids, I moved schools and jobs to a Pre-K varying exceptionalities classroom. It's bittersweet... I will miss my kids like crazy and I am scared to death of starting something new, but I'm also excited about the new experience.

So, lately I've been blowing up Pinterest with Pre-K ideas (much to the dismay of my followers, I'm sure) and found this one from ShareandRemember just a few days ago.  This is a montessori-inspired project where you fill up old spice jars with essential-oil soaked cotton balls and let the students smell the different scents.

I only have a few (I only had a few essential oils/extracts on hand and could only spare 3 empty jars) but will add to the collection as I go on. I also don't have printer ink, so my students will have to deal with handwritten labels.

For my scents, I used vanilla extract, cucumber melon essential oil (leftover from Lauren's bath salts) and Peppermint extract.

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